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Hair Extensions

Do you want to add volume, length, or longevity to your wedding day hair style?

I can make it happen with hair extensions. It's no exaggeration to say I have tried and tested most of the hair extensions on the market. After years of research, I have found the best hair extension possible: BFB hair extensions.

Hair Extensions

add volume and length

When you work with me you get a customized set of hair extensions specific to all your bridal hair needs. I will also take 10% off the retail price for you!

Hair extensions are not

  • Custom colour matching
  • Expert advice on choosing the right type of hair extensions
  • Mini tutorial on how to apply your extensions at home
  • Custom trimming and blending


Instead, you will require expert advice to ensure you get the perfect colour, length and type of extension to work with your hair. There are different options to add length, volume or to work with updos and create the wedding hair of your dreams. When you purchase BFB hair extensions from me you will receive:

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