Six Bridal Hair Tips you need to know from our Bridal Hair Expert

You've got the dress, now its time to consider the finest ornament of all your HAIR! We are sharing our expert tips to ensure your bridal hairstyle looks perfect on your wedding day.

#1: Don't stray too far from the real you.

Start by researching pictures of yourself that you like. When does your hair look its best? How do you commonly wear your hair - is it always up in a top knot or down? Take note of the way your hair is styled in the pictures is there a part - side, middle or none at all! Looking at hairstyles that you have worn in the past will help provide you with a good starting point for your likes and dislikes, you can then move on to pinning pictures of your dream hairstyle. You don’t want to look back at photos of the special day and wonder “who is that?” 

#2: Select a style that is timeless.

Try to think ahead 10- 15 years, it is very easy to get caught up with the latest trends and although you want to be current you also want your wedding day style to be timeless. Consider adding trends as subtle touches rather than having a braided crown at the front of the style add a smaller braid at the back!


You want your wedding day to be stress-free and run as smoothly as possible to ensure this happens you must hire professionals who are experts at their craft! Time after time I have brides calling me with less than a month before their wedding day with stories of how they verbally confirmed a family friend for their wedding day hair services and now they are unavailable or cannot be contacted! Check your vendors out what are real brides saying about them do they have current reviews on credible websites like Google or Weddingwire, do they have a website, Instagram, Facebook page and do you like what you see? Wedding professionals who work in the industry day in and day out have priceless advice and experience to offer you on your wedding day so seek us out well in advance.

#4: Be aware of start times.

If there was ever a time in your life when your hair needs to look flawless, it’s your wedding day. Working to achieve the perfect look needs to start at least 6 months before your big day to ensure your hair is in peak condition. Consult with your bridal hair expert/hairstylist to determine a colour, haircut and treatment plan in the lead-up to your big day and if you are considering adding hair extensions to your hairstyle this should also be discussed before your hair trial.


Your hairstyle should complement your dress and shouldn't compete with it. Look at the neckline and style of your dress and choose a hairstyle that will allow both of them time to shine in their own right!


#6: Come prepared for your trial.

Come prepared to your bridal trial and try to provide a maxim of three inspirational photos you love and one you dislike, pick hairstyle inspirations that have a similar hair colour and texture as your own. Providing refined pictures of your likes and dislikes will help your bridal hair expert to better understand your vision and replicate your desired hairstyle.