6 Tips for a stress-free wedding day morning

Ensuring you have the best possible hair outcomes on your wedding day is actually not all about the hair! These tips are an essential guide to starting your wedding day of right. Beginning from the moment you wake up, creating the right atmosphere and setup ahead of time will ensure you have a stress free morning full of bubbly and girly fun. Get ready to take notes brides-to-be….

#1 Timelines are key 

Having a wedding day timeline is absolutely crucial to how your day will run, and it all starts with getting ready.

Ask your photographer what time they require beauty services completed by to ensure there is no confusion with timelines on your wedding day morning. If your beauty vendor does not provide a schedule for the services, create your own and allocate a time slot for each bridal party member. When you put your day-off timeline together, keep these time frames in mind:

  • Hair: 30-45 mins for each bridesmaids, MOB/MOG, attendants. Bride 60- 90 mins

  • Makeup: 30-40 mins for each bridesmaids, MOB/MOG, attendants. Bride 60 mins

  • Touch up time for all bridal party members at the end of services 10-15 mins


#2 Prepare your space

The best rooms to get ready in are large enough for your bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists, photographers and anyone else who might stop by. Don't over look the importance of a room with great natural lighting, your beauty team and photographer will thank you. Try to prepare two separate areas for your beauty team, one close to a window for your makeup artist  and the other close to a power out-let for hot tools. Clear tables and have chairs ready for your team so they can set up and get started straight away!


#3 Hang your dresses and veil

The wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and veil should be removed from the bags to allow the fabric to settle and air first thing in the morning, This also makes for a cute photo opportunity!


#4 Plenty of food for your crew

Everyone will be busy and focused on getting ready on the wedding day morning, put your MOH or bridesmaids in charge of pre-ordering nutritional food to snack on through out the day. And call ahead for your coffee orders to avoid waiting in queues.


5# Create a playlist

Great tunes can set the perfect vibe, create a playlist that reminds you of the fun times you shared with your squad. And don't forgot to pack a speaker so you can get those tunes pumping!


6# Steam your dresses

I have saved the best for last and this one is so often overlooked. Ladies steam those dresses before your beauty team arrives! No wants their hair done in a room full of humidity!

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Photography Corryn Fowler 

Photography Corryn Fowler 

With the hot humid months of summer now upon us  taming our manes can be more challenging then ever! But we have got you covered with expert tips and solutions on how  to keep your hair looking amazing through those hot summer wedding days and nights...

1. Hydrate

Having an outdoor wedding means that you will be dealing with humidity and hair that has the potential to frizz or become fly-away! Hydration is the secret to conquering frizz and fly-aways. Tame your mane in the lead-up to the wedding by topping up the moisture levels with weekly hydrating treatments, and leave-in moisture creams and  oil based serums. Stop the moisture routine a week prior to the wedding to ensure your hair won't be weighed down with extra moisture.

2. Bedhead

Waking up your wedding day morning with a serious case of bedhead is not the best start to picture perfect hair especially when you will also be dealing with the outside elements. Invest in a hair-friendly silk pillow case to help reduce static, frizz and to preserve your fresh blow-out which is the foundation for your wedding day hairstyle.

3. Updos

All hair types come with limitations and the location of the wedding day should be a factor when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Updo's especially braids are fantastic for the warmer humid months and out door celebrations as they will stay in place all day leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

If updo's aren't for you consider your natural texture and try to work with it. If your hair is naturally frizzy or fly- away consider a beach wave texture or hairstyles that are undone and imperfect like a textured pony or half updo.

Photography Eighty fifth Street Photography 

Photography Eighty fifth Street Photography 

4. Be prepared

We are all about preventative measure and one of the best ways you can prepare the hair for an outdoor ceremony is with the right products. Your outdoor survival kit should contain a mini hairspray that does not contain water, there will be plenty of moisture in the air and hairspray that is water-free is and will help combat frizz. A few bobbie pins, Anti-humidity spray is a must for those hot humid days and last but not least a bounce dry sheet always comes in handy for static fly-away hair.


Photography Joanna Dass

Photography Joanna Dass

Our expert tips for outdoor hairstyles along with other Canadian hairstylists are also featured on  bridesmade.ca this week!

A Garden Wedding at White Oaks Resort

I get downright giddy whenever a friend asks me to be apart of their wedding day celebrations and it was no exception when the first assistant we employed at BHC asked me to do the honours for her special day! A hairstylist in her own right I knew I had to pull out all the stops!

Lexi surrounded herself with the ultimate girl squad for her morning preparations they offered the right amount of support, laughs, stories and of course a mimosa or two.

Her gorgeous wedding venue in White Oaks resort in Niagara-on-the-lake  offered the convenience of a short walk down stairs to say her "I do" in an elegant outdoor celebration complete with an English garden vibe.

 Photographer Jessica Douglas captured all the fabulous florals, intimate moments and never ending smiles, from the beautiful bridal party to the elegant reception you can soak it all up here.



Photographer Jessica Douglas | Venue White Oaks Resort | Wedding dress Vera Wang

 Bridesmaids dresses David's bridal |Florals Cathy Martin  

 Hair Bridal Hair Collective | Makeup Mobile bridal

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6 fabulous tips for brides with curly hair

After working in a salon that specialized in curly hair for several years I was always surprised at how many clients would come in that were at their wits ends struggling to control their curly hair or just trying to find someone that could style it. We often perceive curly hair to be easy to manage with a wash and wear approach,  although this may happen for some often it takes a lot more time and effort with a regular routine  to control unruly curls. Naturally curly hair is reliant on many factors to perform at its best including the right weather, product and a great cut! While many brides shy away from embracing their natural curls especially on their wedding day I love nothing more then working with a head full of natural curls. Taming and understanding how to get the best out of your curls for your wedding day can be a  journey and one thats worth investing time, money and patience in to achieve the best results refer to our following hairstyling tips:

 #1 Wash it less: Naturally curly hair is easy to over wash  and under nourish. Try to keep shampooing to a minim of once a week or less (this may vary for finer hair types) less is defiantly better when it comes to hydrating your curls. A great way to revitalize and restyle your curls with out shampooing is by re-wetting your hair in the shower or with a  water spray bottle and re-apply  conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends a couple of times during the week. Use a leave-in conditioning spray on fine hair to re-vitaliaze curls in-between washes.

#2 Hydrate your curls:  Caring for curls means giving them the moisture and definition they require to look there best! I love  the AG Recoil shampoo & conditioner its great for fine to thick hair types and helps to re-activate lazy curls along with providing intense moisture and anti-frizz control. Smoothing shampoo + conditioners are also a great option if your hair is naturally frizzy. Add a deep hydrating mask to your hair care routine  weekly if your ends are very damaged or monthly if your hair is in good condition.

#3 Trim those ends: I know my curly hair clients often tend to leave it a little too long between trims as once curls bounce up you can loose a little bit more length then you had bargained for! Trimming and shaping your hair in the lead up to your wedding should be top priority as your hairstylist will not be blow drying or flat ironing  the ends to make them appear shinny and healthy you will need to ensure they in tip top shape!. Curly hair can also  lose its consistency,  and ability to hold the curl formation if the foundation of a strong haircut is missing,  Discuss your haircutting options with you bridal specialist in the lead up to your wedding to ensure you have enough time to cut and tweak your hairstyle allow at least a month between your last haircut and wedding day.

Photography by  Deanne MacRae Photography

#4 Tame your mane: Whether its waves, classic curls or kinky texture all  curls crave moisture and conditioner alone isn't going to cut for most sets of curls. Finding the right product combination can cut your morning routine in half. The products you use in summer may vary to the ones you require in winter, naturally curly hair often performs its best in one season either loving the humidity in then summer or the dryness of the wither.  If your curls are on the finer side look for products that are in a gel, mousse or liquid form Curl Trigger and Recoil are my go to ones! For coarser frizzer curls I recommend defining and hydrating cremes such as Moroccan Oil  Hydrating styling Cream mixed with an argon oil. 

 #5 Colouring those curls: Always cut your curls first before the colour so that the colour will enhance the style. Curly hair reflects light easily due to its volume, especially really curly hair this means you don't need to add a lot of hair colour to  see results. If you plan on trying a new hair colour in the leadup to the wedding be conservative  which means less chemicals and healthier hair.

#6 Let it shine: Keep your wedding day hairstyle simple don't over complicate it with to much "hair detailing" let your gorgeous curls do the talking and add a bit of sparkle or a flower crown if you want to add more contrast or detail to your hairstyle.

Photography by  Deanne MacRae Photography

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6 Fabulous Tips For Brides With Fine Hair.

I am so excited to have recently teamed up with the Australian boutique La Belle to create this blog series the studio is based in Sydney, Australia and creates the dreamiest of heirloom accessories for brides. My blog series for La Belle explores how brides can achieve gorgeous hair on their wedding day no matter the cut, colour or condition. 

From one fine haired lady to another I understand the frustration and limitations that can come with owning a finer head of hair, today I am sharing my go to tips and advice on how to get those fine haired strands to work just the way you want them to on your special day!

#1 Nourish the hair: Fine hair can often grow at a snails pace and be extremely fragile and prone to breakage or damage, to ensure your hair is at its healthiest consider adding a hair growth and strengthening supplement to your regime. There are many varieties available and I recommend trying some of them in the leadup to your wedding day! Biotin, silica and zinc are all great supplemtments to assist with the healthy growth and development of hair & nails. Find the one that is best suited to your needs and budget keep in mind these supplements can take 6-8 months until you see any results so start early.

#2 Plump up the volume: Select a professional range of shampoo & conditioner that has volumizing or thicking benefits, they are often less likely to weigh the hair down or make it oily making the hair look thicker and fuller. 

#3 Shampoo less: I know this can seem like an impossible cycle to break although its worth persevering through a few bad hair days to achieve a balanced & healthy scalp. Shampooing the hair more often then required strips the hair of its natural oils causing your scalp to overproduce the oils that have been stripped from over  washing. To achieve a balanced scalp limit shampooing & conditioning to three to four times a week. Only apply your conditioner on the ends of your hair.

 #4 Protect your hair: Heat damage from hot tools is often underestimated and once the hair has been exposed to heat damage your only option is to cut it off! If you are using heat styling tools such as blow-driers, curling irons or flat irons ensure you are using a thermal protection spray to prevent heat damage in the lead up to your wedding day.

#5 Volumize with colour: Hair colour can create an illusion of thicker/denser hair when placed strategically. I recommend a multi-dimensional look with 2-3 shades of variation to make your hair look thicker.  Always add a professional treatment after your colour service such as Olapex and avoid over lightening the hair which can lead to breakage and damage.

#5 Add Volume: Adding hair extensions to your wedding day hairstyle can be the perfect instant fix to longer thicker hair that will have the benefit of longer lasting hairstyling results on your wedding day. Hair padding (synthetic hair) is also a great alternative to hair extensions to achieve additional volume, and shape to bridal updo's.

Stay tuned for more insider tips for brides with thick and curly hair in the following weeks.

One Fine Day Wedding Fair, Sydney.

The One Fine Day wedding fair was held at the newly opened Barangaroo cut away earlier this month, a spectular partially outdoor venue on the edge of Sydney Harbour. The One fine day fair provided a selection of  perfectly curated vendors, featuring your must have staples such as florists, photographers, cake makers and bridal wear as well as a quirky DIY screen printing station where you received your own  take away print.  There was also a collection of  VW camper vans in a rainbow of pastel shades! Tell me who wouldn't want to arrive in a mint green camper van on their wedding day?

The bridal runway show was filled with fun, unique and wearable bridal gowns with refreshing skirt and top combinations, low back gowns and off the shoulder dresses there was nothing ordinary about any of these gowns!

Tickets to the One fine day fair were extremely well priced and you could upgrade to a VIP pass to gain access to the exclusive VIP space with complimentary canapés, cocktails and front row access to the fashion show and a take home  goodie bag.

After a chambord cocktail, an abundance of cake samples and an overload of inspiration I left the One fine Day Fair feeling like I could  get married all over again! And yes I will be getting the VIP ticket next year!

The Next One fine Day fair is in Melbourne May 6 + 7 2017.

Photo credits: Michelle Fiona & One Fine Collective.

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Source: www.bridalhaircollective.com/blog/2017/2/7...

Six Bridal Hair Tips you need to know from our Bridal Hair Expert

You've got the dress, now its time to consider the finest ornament of all your HAIR! We are sharing our expert tips to ensure your bridal hairstyle looks perfect on your wedding day.

#1: Don't stray too far from the real you.

Start by researching pictures of yourself that you like. When does your hair look its best? How do you commonly wear your hair - is it always up in a top knot or down? Take note of the way your hair is styled in the pictures is there a part - side, middle or none at all! Looking at hairstyles that you have worn in the past will help provide you with a good starting point for your likes and dislikes, you can then move on to pinning pictures of your dream hairstyle. You don’t want to look back at photos of the special day and wonder “who is that?” 

#2: Select a style that is timeless.

Try to think ahead 10- 15 years, it is very easy to get caught up with the latest trends and although you want to be current you also want your wedding day style to be timeless. Consider adding trends as subtle touches rather than having a braided crown at the front of the style add a smaller braid at the back!


You want your wedding day to be stress-free and run as smoothly as possible to ensure this happens you must hire professionals who are experts at their craft! Time after time I have brides calling me with less than a month before their wedding day with stories of how they verbally confirmed a family friend for their wedding day hair services and now they are unavailable or cannot be contacted! Check your vendors out what are real brides saying about them do they have current reviews on credible websites like Google or Weddingwire, do they have a website, Instagram, Facebook page and do you like what you see? Wedding professionals who work in the industry day in and day out have priceless advice and experience to offer you on your wedding day so seek us out well in advance.

#4: Be aware of start times.

If there was ever a time in your life when your hair needs to look flawless, it’s your wedding day. Working to achieve the perfect look needs to start at least 6 months before your big day to ensure your hair is in peak condition. Consult with your bridal hair expert/hairstylist to determine a colour, haircut and treatment plan in the lead-up to your big day and if you are considering adding hair extensions to your hairstyle this should also be discussed before your hair trial.


Your hairstyle should complement your dress and shouldn't compete with it. Look at the neckline and style of your dress and choose a hairstyle that will allow both of them time to shine in their own right!


#6: Come prepared for your trial.

Come prepared to your bridal trial and try to provide a maxim of three inspirational photos you love and one you dislike, pick hairstyle inspirations that have a similar hair colour and texture as your own. Providing refined pictures of your likes and dislikes will help your bridal hair expert to better understand your vision and replicate your desired hairstyle.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day

You have the dress now it's time to find the perfect bridal hairstyle that complements your dream gown and after working with countless brides to be i can definitely share with you some considerations and tips for creating a seamless bridal look.

Try to stay true to who you are. Your wedding day is not the day to dramatically change your look. Think about what type of bride you are... Classic? Vintage? Modern? Romantic? Hollywood? Use these words to help define your search when you a considering different styles.

There are still many factors to consider the neckline on your dress should be at the top of your list and ensure that your hairstyle is incorporated to showcase or flatter its design. My tip is to play around with your hair when you are trying on the dress moving into different sides and into a low and high bun so you can see which style would work best with the neckline.

Bridal hair doesn't have to mean long hair be realistic and understand there are limitations with every texture of hair if you deem your hair to be problematic for example extremely fine or frizzy and curly advice your bridal specialist before your trial booking so you can discuss potential limitations and avoid disappointment at the hair trial.

Building a relationship with your hairstylist is a key part of the process and will help you to feel comfortable and at ease the morning of your wedding. Make sure you have regular appointments with your hairstylist in the lead-up to the wedding so they can become familiar with your hair, face shape and so they can devise a cutting and colouring regime 6 months before your wedding day.

We have now reached the practical part of choosing the right hairstyle for the wedding day, it's time to consider the time of year where your nuptials will be taking place and potential elements you may be facing to not only achieve but maintain the perfect hairstyle well after you have left your hairstylist's chair...

Photography by Ram Accoumeh

Photography by Ram Accoumeh


It looks gorgeous, especially if it's really long and you don't have to worry about getting headaches from the pins. However If you’re getting married on the beach or in a steamy summer month it will be hard to control and may become messy or look undone. This is because the hair is not secured. I would definitely recommend adding a tighter wave/curl so they have time to relax throughout the day and be prepared to be touching up your hair throughout the evening.

Half Up

This is a great option if you can not decide between up or down as you can secure pieces of the hair resulting in a longer lasting style while still having the comfort of your length.


There are so many choices for updo's these days, from the romantic braids and twists to a regal high bun. There really is something for everyone and updo's are a personal favourite of mine! Updo's are fantastic for the warmer humid months and will stay in place all day leaving you with one less thing to worry about! Make sure you love your updo from all angles and keep it soft and feminine around the face.


Head pieces, headbands and florals are great additions to many styles and should defiantly be considered for brunettes! Darker hair tones do not pick up as much detail as lighter tones,  so add a hair accessory or florals to highlight the detail of your shiny locks.

Did I already mention stay true to who you are? Your loved ones and, let's face it, everyone involved in your wedding day will offer slightly different advice and opinions which can be extremely confusing at times. Try to remember to compliment your personality, not someone else's.