Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day

You have the dress now it's time to find the perfect bridal hairstyle that complements your dream gown and after working with countless brides to be i can definitely share with you some considerations and tips for creating a seamless bridal look.

Try to stay true to who you are. Your wedding day is not the day to dramatically change your look. Think about what type of bride you are... Classic? Vintage? Modern? Romantic? Hollywood? Use these words to help define your search when you a considering different styles.

There are still many factors to consider the neckline on your dress should be at the top of your list and ensure that your hairstyle is incorporated to showcase or flatter its design. My tip is to play around with your hair when you are trying on the dress moving into different sides and into a low and high bun so you can see which style would work best with the neckline.

Bridal hair doesn't have to mean long hair be realistic and understand there are limitations with every texture of hair if you deem your hair to be problematic for example extremely fine or frizzy and curly advice your bridal specialist before your trial booking so you can discuss potential limitations and avoid disappointment at the hair trial.

Building a relationship with your hairstylist is a key part of the process and will help you to feel comfortable and at ease the morning of your wedding. Make sure you have regular appointments with your hairstylist in the lead-up to the wedding so they can become familiar with your hair, face shape and so they can devise a cutting and colouring regime 6 months before your wedding day.

We have now reached the practical part of choosing the right hairstyle for the wedding day, it's time to consider the time of year where your nuptials will be taking place and potential elements you may be facing to not only achieve but maintain the perfect hairstyle well after you have left your hairstylist's chair...

Photography by Ram Accoumeh

Photography by Ram Accoumeh


It looks gorgeous, especially if it's really long and you don't have to worry about getting headaches from the pins. However If you’re getting married on the beach or in a steamy summer month it will be hard to control and may become messy or look undone. This is because the hair is not secured. I would definitely recommend adding a tighter wave/curl so they have time to relax throughout the day and be prepared to be touching up your hair throughout the evening.

Half Up

This is a great option if you can not decide between up or down as you can secure pieces of the hair resulting in a longer lasting style while still having the comfort of your length.


There are so many choices for updo's these days, from the romantic braids and twists to a regal high bun. There really is something for everyone and updo's are a personal favourite of mine! Updo's are fantastic for the warmer humid months and will stay in place all day leaving you with one less thing to worry about! Make sure you love your updo from all angles and keep it soft and feminine around the face.


Head pieces, headbands and florals are great additions to many styles and should defiantly be considered for brunettes! Darker hair tones do not pick up as much detail as lighter tones,  so add a hair accessory or florals to highlight the detail of your shiny locks.

Did I already mention stay true to who you are? Your loved ones and, let's face it, everyone involved in your wedding day will offer slightly different advice and opinions which can be extremely confusing at times. Try to remember to compliment your personality, not someone else's.