The Beginning

I am extremely excited and somewhat surprised to be writing my first introductory post for the Bridal Hair Collective blog. 

If you had of told me six months ago I would be starting a freelance bridal hair business I would not have thought this possible. Though now it is a reality I wonder why I never attempted this before! 

I have always been passionate and dedicated to my craft and starting the Bridal Hair Collective has taken this to a completely new level, who knew I was a workaholic with a trillion business ideas! I am not saying all of them are amazing or that this has all gone off without a hitch. I just know when something feels so good it must be right!

Establishing the Bridal Hair Collective is something I have always dreamed about and I have called on the wisdom, insight and advice of some of those around me to make this a reality and I am truly thankful to my family, friends, and brides past and present for the opportunity and encouragement towards my new venture.

Bridal Hair Collective was part of the Gladstone Weddingful party earlier this month where I had the opportunity to mingle with countless brides and grooms to be! This was a fantastic opportunity for me to start networking within the bridal community and to start building brand awareness for Bridal Hair Collective. It was fantastic to spend time chatting to brides and discussing their vision for their special day and how we could help them achieve this, from hair preparation to current trends and what works for the individual bride and their style. It was an extremely successful and fun night out and I look forward to being a part of this event again in January. If you are looking for a wedding vendor Weddingful is a wonderful place to start.

I am humbled and surprised at how well received  Bridal Hair Collective has been since starting on this journey a little less than three months ago and as my work week turns from five days into seven I couldn't be happier and content with the decision I have made to start my own freelance bridal business.